Germany – ‘Prettiest Police Officer’ Ordered To Stop Instagram

credit - instagram adrienne koleszar

11 January 2019 

A German police officer was ordered by her bosses to choose between her job or a career on Instagram. After half a year of unpaid leave, she has decided to put on her uniform again.

34-year-old Miss Adrienne Koleszar from Dresden had received an official warning after she became a real influencer on Instagram. More than 658,000 followers had the woman gathered after being elected “Germany’s most beautiful agent” three years ago. Her fans enjoyed, among other things, her exotic vacation photos and snapshots in bikini.


Six months ago she took unpaid leave with the police force and started traveling: “I won’t get benefits but start living off my savings and what I can earn on social media,” she reported in a video uploaded in July last year.

Last month, however, she received news from her bosses that the holiday was over. Dresden suffers a considerable shortage of police officers and therefore she had to choose: return to the police and significantly reduce her activities on social media, or resign.

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And reducing that activity on social media was an important factor. Because her glamorous life as a model and her sometimes obscure photos in bikini did not please her bosses at the police.

Earlier this month, Adrienne placed a video on YouTube in which she revealed that she chose to stay with the police. She also posted a photo of herself in her uniform on Instagram.

“I am going to work again, I will put my uniform on again,” she said. “I am looking forward, although I know that January will be a difficult month. I will still be present on social media, but not as much as in the past six months.“




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