California Uber Horror Passenger Tries Car Crash (video)

screenshot youtube

24 January 2019

A Sacramento Uber driver experienced the ride of a lifetime this weekend when he picked up a drunken man.

The man told the driver that he would crash and then pulled at the wheel of the car to prove his assumption.

The driver, who only wanted to be named as Uber Albert, explained: “He goes, oh you’re gonna crash, and I’m like, no… and he laughs and he kind of drifts away, and then about two seconds later he grabs the wheel and yanks it…”

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Afterwards, the man seems to be startled by the driver’s reaction, but then grabs the steering wheel again. This time with even more conviction to cause an accident.

Albert was clearly impressed after the incident. “I still do not understand why we didn’t crash.”

On Facebook, images of the drunken man have popped up, showing him drinking several glasses of beer ad fundum an hour before his ride home.



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