California Beach Invasion? 12 Immigrants Arrive In Makeshift Boat

screenshot youtube ucavidb atsyia

29 January 2019

A sight that the UK has seen multiple times in the past few months as the Brexit clock ticks on and immigrants are eager to land ashore before 29 March 2019, but one is new for the US happened yesterday as 12 illegal immigrants went ashore in Huntington Beach, California, in a makeshift boat.

Police explained afterwards that the 10 Chinese and two Mexican nationals (of whome one was a known smuggler) had been arrested after they chose their landing spot quite poorly. The group chose to come ashore at Naval Weapons Reserve in Seal Beach, California.

Although hundreds of people are arrested in the region annually trying to smuggle drugs and people into the area, the fact that people now show up in boats could prove a turning point.

The Huntington beach Fire Department sent out a tweet: ‘Huntington Beach crews on scene to a Multi-Casualty incident, 9 patients arrive on boat more information to come. PIO en route.’



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