Trump Popularity Easily Beats Pelosi, Merkel And Macron

credit - twitter @trumpgirl

29 January 2019

Although you wouldn’t think so when you watch late night comedians in the US, President Trump’s popularity rating, on par with Ronald Reagan during this time in his first term, easily beat that of other world leaders that the MSM normally prefers.

Mr Trump scored 43% approval in a Wall Street Journal popularity poll, or some 15% higher than Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi at 28%. In comparison, other ‘democratic’ world leaders which the MSM prefer score an abysmal 27% (France’s President Macron) or 35% (Germany’s Chancellor Macron).

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Democrats better keep that in mind when the renewed negotiations over the border wall kick off again.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders warned Democrats ‘If they don’t come back with a deal, that means Democrats get virtually nothing. That will make the president, and force him, to have to take executive action that does not give Democrats the things that they want.’

She added: ‘So this is a perfect time and the table has been perfectly set by the president in order for a good deal to come together where everybody gets a little something they’re looking for.’

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  1. In 2016 the lamestream media neverendingly reported that Hillary was way ahead of Trump in the polls! They insisted, predicted, and even BET that Hillary would be our next president.

    Even on Election night, they continued to report poll numbers favoring Hillary…right up until SHE LOST!!

    The lamestream media ignored and even LIED about the fact that TENS OF THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS WERE SHOWING UP AT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF DONALD TRUMP’S RALLIES versus the 50 to 400 people (on a GOOD day) who showed up at Hillary’s rallies.

    And now I’ve watched and listened for THE FIRST TWO YEARS OF MR. TRUMPS’ PRESIDENCY to this same lamestream media AGAIN calling our president all kinds of lies and foul names.

    Am I now going to listen to ANY POLL RESULT put out by the lamestream media?


    #TRUMP2020 #MAGA #KAG


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