Illinois Traffic Operators Worry About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

credit - twitter @catturd2

30 January 2019

Given that we now know when President Trump will give the State of the Union (and that Stacey Abrams will be given the Democratic rebuttal even though we were all clearly hoping for Cardi B), only one question remains… will Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg be showing up?

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The oldest judge on the bench was last seen some 20 days ago and many wonder whether we will be seeing a first sign from her at the SOTU.

Seems like traffic operators in Illinois are wondering about it as well, at least if the funnyman behind the ‘Catturd’ tweets is to be believed.

Source: Twitter Catturd2



  1. Lets all hope this aging cadaverous evil communist lives for another year while screaming in horrible pain while laying in a bed covered in her own offal with no release while reflecting on the destroyed lives of butchered babies.


    1. No, let’s not. Let’s carry her rotting carcass out right now, bury it, and get a new young justice who will be ravaged by leftist lies so there will be no doubt in her mind for the rest of her long how evil they are.


  2. if she is incapable of performing her duties she is OUT.
    There are numerous government LAWS that state that if you are incapable of performing your duties you MUST step down. That you must report for work/duty in a healthy & competent state, and be able to carry out your duties, OR you MUST remove yourself from action.
    So DEMAND Ginsbergstein APPEAR and PROVE her fitness for duty


  3. I think the photo is fake. Because (a) currently like 20 degrees below zero, (b) with lots of snow, and (c) currently trees are bare of leaves. That photo was taken in warmer months, and the traffic sign text was added to the photo.


    1. Yeah, you can tell by how the sign isn’t even aligned to the support structure. Someone just shopped the whole sign on. To be honest though, I didn’t even stop to look it over until I read your comment because it sounds like something my homestate’s unions would do.


  4. I believe we need a visual at this point. If she is dead, we need to know it. If she is dying and can’t perform her duties in her Supreme Court Office, we the people need to know!


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