Stripper Turned Pharma Rep Gave Chicago Doctors Lap Dances For Prescriptions


30 January 2019

The Anne Hathaway movie ‘Love and other Drugs’ came to mind when reading about the former stripper turned regional sales director for Insys Therapeutics.

In the 2010 romantic comedy it is explained how pharmaceutical reps will go to great lengths to convince doctors to prescribe their product.

In Chicago, apparently the Insys Therapeutics sales director gave a lap dance to persuade doctors to prescribe an addictive fentanyl spray, as an Illinois court heard.

Ms Sunrise Lee took Paul Madison, an Illinois-based anesthesiologist, to the Underground Club (pictured), a top nightclub in Chicago back in 2012 accompanied by two other sales reps.

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One of the other reps who testified against Ms Lee, called Holly Brown, claims she saw Lee ‘sitting on his lap, kind of bouncing around.’

Madison ‘had his hands sort of inappropriately all over her chest,’ Brown said.

Ms Madison is said to have received at least $70,800 in speaker fees from Insys. Jurors are starting to understand why.


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