West Virginia Police Shooting Pepper Spray Bombs At Students (Video)


Shocking footage has emerged from a confrontation between police and students during a show day in West Virginia.

According to the WVU University Relations Director April Kaull, police responded with pepper spray after hundreds of students started tossing glass bottles and other debris toward officers when a snowball fight turned into a riot.

A statement posted by the school read: ‘It is unfortunate that what began today on Spruce Street as a playful time in the snow turned into a dangerous and threatening situation for students and law enforcement officers alike.

‘The escalation apparently began when the several hundred students and others who had gathered refused reasonable instructions to disperse and began tossing glass bottles and other debris toward officers, resulting in law enforcement taking action.’

Source : https://www.post-gazette.com/news/crime-courts/2019/02/01/West-Virginia-University-WVU-police-disturbance-snow-day-pepper-balls-college/stories/201902010153

Picture credit : Twitter @5thyear


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