Australian Technician Cancels House Visit Over ‘Aggressive’ Chicken


A routine job for a technician from Australian grid operator Energex at a customer’s house ended badly. The man claimed he could not access the electricity meter and gave a remarkable reason in a note that he left behind.

An Energex employee had to read the electricity meter from a resident but ultimately did not succeed.

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Normally the technician thus leaves a note explaining why he was unable to do his duty. He may also tick a pre-determined reason why he could not reach the electricity meter. Like: the area was closed off, a gate did not open, a lock did not open, or an aggressive dog.

The Energex employee had crossed out the word ‘dog’ and replaced it with ‘chicken’. To justify his fear of the bird, he added: “She tried to peck me!”

The owner admits that the mailman has made similar remarks in the past.

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Picture credit : Pexel Free Image


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