Did Swedish Police Use Excessive Force On Pregnant Woman? (Shock Video)

Credit - Twitter @linnea4768

In Sweden a police investigation has been initiated into an incident in which a heavily pregnant woman is forcibly removed from a metro cart by two transport security agents and is pressed down on a couch while her daughter is crying.

On social media several videos of the incident surfaced, which according to many testify of racism by the police.

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The woman was asked for her ticket at the Hötorget station in Stockholm last Thursday evening, but she could not find it. Because the agents suspected she was trying to trick them, they forced her to leave the train. She refused.

On the video footage you can see how the woman is dragged from the subway by two of the security agents whilst other surround her. Her crying daughter can be heard in the background. Then the woman, whose pregnant belly is clearly visible, is brutally pushed onto a bench while she tries to resist, yelling and screaming.

The woman and several eyewitnesses told Swedish media afterwards that the agents grabbed her and dealt roughly after she told them she had a valid ticket, but could not find it.

Since she was tired, in pain and wanted to go home, she refused to leave. She told the Swedish newspaper Expressen that she had found her ticket shortly afterwards.

Picture credit and source: Twitter @linnea4768


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