Mexico Returns Dead Korean Tourist (35) … Without Organs

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The body of a South Korean man who died of ‘natural causes’ in Mexico was returned to his widowed wife “without brains, stomach and heart.” His widow now asks the Mexican authorities to return her husband’s organs.

The 35-year-old man, known only as Mr. Kim, leaves two children and a wife behind.

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But Ms Kim claims that there is nothing natural about her husband’s cause of death.

After Kim’s body was returned to his family in South Korea “without a brain, stomach and heart,” his wife claims that her husband was involved in a fight before he died.

She claims that he was involved in an argument in a karaoke bar in the Mexican city of Monterey on the day he died.

According to Ms Kim, her unconscious husband was rushed to the hospital on the night of January 3rd and was declared dead two hours later. Reportedly, all that was recorded by surveillance cameras.

Her fear of a cover-up was strengthened when she demanded a second autopsy on 21 January by the National Forensic Service (NFS) in South Korea.

A forensic scientist told her that there were signs of external injuries and bruises on her husband’s body. But that was not the only thing. He also missed his brain, heart and stomach. Due to the missing organs, the South Korean doctor could not determine the cause of death.


Picture credit : PX Here Free Picture


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