San Francisco Tinder Dater Hilariously Forgets Background Check

San Francisco Tinder

“I have found my soulmate,” wrote American comedienne Dalia Malek when presenting a photo of a man on the popular dating app Tinder. Dalia was matched to a San Francisco guy with a sporty hood, but his selfie in a locker room unintentionally went wrong.

In the background you can see another man who is undressing on a bench. He is completely naked and his penis is in clear view.

Ms Malek neatly informs her match of the apparent failure, stating: ‘Wow, that guy in the background has his whole dick out.’

The photo has been shared four thousand times on Twitter already and has been widely commented.

“I would have asked the number of that man in the background”, someone responded.

Another said:”Why in the world does he wear socks before he puts on underwear?”

Source: Twitter Dalia Malek


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