Arizona’s ‘Hot Pink’ Senator Sinema Told ‘Watch Your Ass’ Clapping For Trump (Shock Video)

Credit - Twitter @KatieHopkins

Kyrsten Sinema, the newly elected Democrat Senator for the state of Arizona, once again made headlines both with her choice of clothing and her clapping during President Trump’s State Of The Union.

Firstly, Ms Sinema did not wear white as most of the other Democrat female congresswomen did, but chose this time round to go with ‘hot pink.’

A bold choice indeed.

Secondly, in this short clip, you can see how Nevada Senator Jacky Rosen stands up next to Ms Sinema who is the only Democrat clapping for Trump, and warns her (if my lip reading skills are accurate): ‘Watch your ass!’

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The Arizona Senator acknowledges the order with a nod.

Ms Sinema was in the news earlier this month for showing up in Congress wearing a pair of thigh-high boots, which many conservatives in Arizona thought was inappropriate.

Source : Twitter Katie Hopkins



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