What Did Melania Do To Ocasio-Cortez ?

Picture credit - Mockup

The late show hosts all saw it. Trump’s SOTU was approved by most of the viewing public.

Even Trevor Noah of the Daily Show was keen to point out that there was one person that got a standing ovation from the whole room during President Trump’s SOTU, namely Melania Trump, still the most popular inhabitant of the current White House.

However, social media was also quick to point out that newly elected congresswoman from New York, Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez was the only one not to join in when everyone clapped for the first lady.

(See at 5.10 into the video)

Later on, Sebastian Gorka pointed out that Ms Ocasio-Cortez also refused to stand for the ICE agent who ‘who saved more than 300 girls and woman from coyote smugglers.’

She might want to reconsider taking on the popularity of Melania there, because this could come back to haunt her.


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