Belfast Zoo Chimpanzees Use Makeshift Ladder To Escape (Video)

Credit - Twitter

For a number of families, a visit to the zoo of Belfast (Northern Ireland) yesterday truly became a day to remember. Four chimpanzees managed to escape from their stay via a broken branch that had fallen from a tree during an overnight storm. One of them then made a curious round through the zoo. No one was injured.

US tourist Ms Danielle Monaghan, mother of two, sat quietly with her children and her Irish niece watching the monkeys on Saturday when it happened

The animals started playing with a branch, Chantal grabs her phone to film and suddenly sees how the animals climb out of the accommodation with the aid of the branch. ‘I could not believe it’, she said afterwards.

‘I was shocked, of course, especially because the children were there. I tried to stay very calm, and fortunately nothing happened.’

Picture credit: Twitter @CatherineTinley


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