Russian Emergency Declared Over ‘Polar Bear Invasion’

Credit - PX Free Photo

The Russian archipelago Nova Zembla, in the Arctic Ocean, has declared a state of emergency on Saturday. Reason is an “invasion” of dozens of polar bears in inhabited territory, which are having trouble finding food.

According to Jigancha Mousin, the administrative head of the archipelago, some fifty polar bears regularly enter Belusha Guba, the largest village on the islands with a total of about 3,000 inhabitants.

“I’ve been living at Nova Zembla since 1983, but I’ve never seen such a massive invasion of polar bears. There are permanently between six and ten polar bears in the village.”

The animals behave very aggressively. “They attack people and invade buildings,” says Mousin. With cars and patrol dogs they try to drive away the polar bears. “But those measures do not have the desired effect.” If the lights and sound signals do not help, death is the only solution, it says. For the time being, the Russian environmental authorities will not allow that. They have already put together a committee that will investigate the case. Polar bears are an endangered species.”

Source: BBC

Picture credit: PX Free Photo


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