Arizona Driver Tasered 11 Times For Traffic Violation (Video)


An Arizona man was tasered eleven times and brutally held by several police officers after he was pulled over for a simple traffic violation. The incident dates back to July 2017, but the images have only now been released.

The images show how an agent goes to the man’s vehicle and asks for his identity papers, but he does not have that. The situation between the man, Johnny Wheatcroft, and the agent quickly gets out of hand.

Wheatcroft is pulled out of the car and tasered several times. In the background you can hear the screams of his wife and children sitting in the backseat.

Then you can see how the man is being put on the ground with his pants down. According to Mr Wheatcroft, he was then tasered in the genitals.

The man was arrested and accused of assaulting an officer. He was in prison for months before the police dropped the charges. Now Mr Wheatcroft himself has lodged a complaint against the Glendale police.

According to him it was a “pure torture”.

Picture credit: Screenshot Youtube


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