Orban Proposes New Hungarian Mothers Pay No Taxes

Credit - Flickr Free Photo (2)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wants to encourage his fellow countrymen to have more children. He wishes to seduce them with tax advantages and advantageous credits. Women under 40 who marry for the first time can borrow an amount of over 30,000 euros on very favorable terms: if they give birth to three children, their debt will be waived. Women with four children or more no longer have to pay income tax.

Families with two or more children will receive benefits when taking out a mortgage, if they have three children, they can buy a large car with a subsidy.

The politician announced these measures on Sunday during his annual speech to the nation. According to him, immigration is not the answer to declining birth rates in Europe, but more own children. “We need Hungarian children,” said the prime minister.

PM Orban also insists that the economic growth of Hungary in the coming years be 2 percent higher than the average in the European Union. He sees the elections to the European Parliament in May as a struggle between parties that advocate a “mixed society” and parties that want to secure the Christian roots of Europe.

Source: https://www.ft.com/content/56a5c36a-2d68-11e9-8744-e7016697f225

Picture credit: Flickr Free Photo


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