Boyfriend Sets Rules For ‘Pregnancy Weight Gain’

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A woman shared her boyfriend’s rules for her allowed ‘pregnancy weight gain.’

Seems the young man had set guidelines of how much weight she was allowed to gain during each pregnancy as the couple wants a big family. He stipulated that she was supposed to lose the weight afterwards.

Here’s her story from the Reddit forum ‘Am I the asshole’: “So my boyfriend knows that I have a lot of body image issues. I am a little overweight, and I struggle with it. I’ve tried a myriad of different diet plans and exercise routines over the years, but nothing seems to stick. My boyfriend and I both really want to have a big family, and I’ve confided in him before that I can’t wait to have a baby, but the thought of being pregnant gives me a lot of anxiety because I don’t want to gain weight.”

“So last night he calls me out of the blue, and says he just wanted to say “I love you so much, and I can’t wait to marry you and have babies with you because you’ll make such a wonderful mother…” and my heart is so full hearing this, and then he goes “…but I can’t have you go and ballooning up each pregnancy. You’ll be 300 pounds by the time we’re done having kids, and I’m not having sex with no big fat slob” and when I pushed back, he doubled down and set me guidelines of how much weight I am allowed to gain each pregnancy, and that after birth, I’ll get one month to “relax”, then two months to get back to my pre-baby weight, and then I’ll get pregnant again, and repeat.”

“So we fought about it. I said he was being insensitive, and treating me like a sex-and-baby machine and not a human being. He tried to say he was only worried about my health (his dad died when he was a child from diabetes) and I was okay with that argument, but in trying to explain his health concerns, he kept digressing into such gems as: I’m not gonna stay married to you if i don’t get hard looking at you Do you want our kids to be embarrassed by you? Do you want them to say “daddy, can you drop us off as school instead of mommy, because the other kids make fun of the way mommy waddles? I love you, but my love is conditional, and the condition is not gaining more than 30 pounds. When the scale hits 31, I’m signing the divorce papers. If you told me not to weigh 300 lbs, I’d say “sure thing, babe, you’re right” but the fact that you won’t agree to it means that you must actually WANT to weigh 300 lbs, so if that’s your goal, good luck but we’re breaking up if that’s what you want Do you want our kids to be fat fucks too? You want to give them insulin shots in kindergarten because you and the babies sit on the couch all day feeding each other Ding Dongs?”



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