Most Popular North Korean 2019 New Year Gift? Crystal Meth

Credit - Wikimedia Commons

Like many East Asians, North Koreans are currently celebrating Chinese New Year. To feast that date, citizens often exchange gifts.

Not with books, candy or gadgets like in the western world, but with Crystal Meth.

The giving and use of methamphetamine – an addictive amphetamine and stimulating drug – is very normal in North Korea. Users inject or sniff the drugs as if they were smoking a cigarette without any kind of embarrassment.

“North Koreans consider methamphetamine as an energy-rich drug, comparable to coffee and Red Bull,” said Andrei Lankov, Korea expert at the University in Seoul (South Korea). “Only it is much more powerful than the well-known energy boosters.”

The misconception that the drugs simply provide more energy, marks a “significant underestimation” of the dangers of drug use. This is due to insufficient knowledge about the addictive and even fatal effects of the drugs.


Picture Credit – Wikimedia Commons


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