France – Hundreds ‘Gilets Jaunes’ Attack Driving Female Police Officer (Shock Video)

Credit - Twitter

Disgust and shock among the French public after a video filmed yesterday’s shows a female police woman in a car getting attacked by hundreds of ‘Gilets Jaunes’

The woman’s voice clearly gets very emotional and afraid as the car is being pelted with stones and bottles and more and more protesters run towards her police vehicle. The male officer next to her instructs her to keep driving as multiple rocks and stones hit the car.

For the very first time since the protests started 14 weeks ago, the majority of the French public is now against the protesters after the following shocking video was spread on social media.


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It comes as almost 50,000 ‘Gilets Jaunes’ took to the streets again yesterday to protest the government of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Could this be a turning point for the protests?

Source: Twitter @Alternative_PN


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