Italy – Salvini Jubilant As ‘Immigrant Arrivals Down 96%’

Credit - Twitter @MatteoSalvini

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Mr Matteo Salvini, leader of the rightwing Lega Nord, has highlighted the results of his government in a tweet this morning, stating: “The Italians know that I have acted for their own good and for their safety. From the beginning of the year 215 immigrant arrivals versus 4,856 in 2018, down 96%. Repatriations of immigrants are up to 795, almost four times the number before I came. I feel strong support, in Sardinia and wherever I go.”

Mr Salvini was elected on a strong anti-immigration platform which he has immediately implemented as from the moment his government came to office last year.

He has refused access to immigrant ships wanting to dock in Italian harbors and has, in this manner, greatly angered several other European country leaders.

However, unlike Ms Merkel in Germany or Mr Macron in France, he is highly popular and has recently won a regional election by almost 50% of the votes.

His party, the Lega Nord, is well on track to become the biggest in the country in the upcoming May 2019 European Elections.

Credit : Twitter Matteo Salvini


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