Swedish Activist Who Stopped ‘Wife-Beating’ Asylum Seeker Deportation Fined (Video)

Credit - Facebook Elin Ersson

A Swedish activist named Elin Ersson, who mass livestreamed her attempt on board a plane to stop the deportation of an Afghan man, has been found guilty of breaking aviation laws and will have to pay a (small) fine.

The student did manage to avoid the jail term which the public prosecutor had urged for. She will be forced to pay a fine of $325 for her action which upset many other passengers.

The court ruled that Ersson understood that she was to sit in her seat as the pilot commanded, and therefore was in violation of Sweden’s Aviation Act.

Miss Ersson believed she didn’t violate the law, claiming she was acting for a person in need. The court rejected that argument in its ruling, saying the situation did not classify as passenger distress.


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Her Facebook livestream of the protest, which lasted more than 14 minutes, was watched more than 50,000 times the evening it was posted and currently has 5.4 million views.

Tiny detail for all snowflakes interested: the 52-year-old Afghan man she ended up helping of not getting deported had been convicted of abusing his wife and daughter. Because of these horrible crimes, Sweden was deporting him.

Miss Ersson had initially intended for there to be another (much younger) Afghan refugee on the plane which she was keen on helping.

Source: https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/bK0y2B/elin-ersson-21-doms-till-boter-efter-stoppad-utvisning


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