British Coast Guard Intercepts Illegal Rubber Boat With 30 Migrants (Video)

Credit - Twitter @inspiredMichael

The British Coast Guard intercepted a motorized rubber boat with about thirty transmigrants on board.

The migrants, including children, were taken to Dover for medical research. They are currently being questioned by the immigration authorities. Their nationality is still unknown. Three men have been arrested on suspicion of illegal migration.

Around 8 o’clock a fishing boat had noticed the group in the vicinity of Cap Gris-Nez and sounded the alarm. The French coast guard launched a rescue operation. But by the time they reached the boat, it was already in British waters. The migrants were then picked up by the Brits.

The British Home Secretary sounded the alarm in December 2018 already about the rising number of migrants trying to cross the British Channel in small boats.

Approximately 250 people were intercepted in December, a further 90 in January. The crossing from Northern France to the United Kingdom in small boats is dangerous. The Channel is one of the busiest shipping routes in the world.

Credit – Twitter


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