British Teen Enters Hospital In Coma, Leaves With Baby

Credit - The Oldham Times

A teenager from the British city of Oldham who suddenly fell into a coma after a severe headache, woke up in hospital four days later only to find out that she had become a mother without her having any idea of being pregnant.

When 18-year-old Ebony Stevenson did not feel very well, she had no idea she was carrying a child. After a series of epileptic seizures, the girl was taken to the hospital. There the doctors discovered that she was about to give birth.

Her unborn baby was ‘hidden’ in her double uterus. The abnormality called ‘Uterus Didelphys’ means that the uterus is divided in two by a vertical partition. One of her wombs kept menstruation going during her pregnancy, while in the other a child grew. Because the baby grew backwards, there was no tummy to be seen.

When the teenager woke up from her coma, she was suddenly the mother of a girl. “Getting to know my child was so unreal. A kind of ‘outside-the-body’ experience. It is an absolute miracle and I would not want to miss Elodie for anything. ”



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