Mexican Divorce Turns Bitter – Former President Denies Having Bought Madrid Villa For Mistress

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Mexican former President Enrique Pena Nieto, who’s stuck in what some say will turn into a very nasty (and passionate) divorce fight with his wife, famous soap opera actress Angelica Rivera (of the telenovela “Destilando Amor”), has denied rumors which had surfaced in the South American press since yesterday, namely that he bought a villa in Madrid, Spain.

In a tweet (hereunder), he directly denied the story which, if true, could have had severe implications for his pending divorce.

In the Mexican and Spanish press, rumors had surfaced that the former President bought a pad in Madrid, specifically in the same street where soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo used to live and where soccer coach Zinedine Zidane still resides.

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As you will remember from this website, Mr Pena Nieto was spotted together with his alleged mistress, young model Tania Ruiz Eichelmann, in Madrid a few weeks ago, after which his wife filed for divorce.

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The South American press has since then run daily updates on the ‘divorce of the century.’

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Ms Rivera then famously released a statement on social media, claiming that she was extremely unhappy to hear about her husband’s alleged infidelities and that she thought divorcing him was best ‘for the children.’

She stated: “I deeply regret what is a very painful situation for me and our children. That is why I have decided to get divorced.”



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