Egypt Saving Tourist Resorts By … Building Walls Around Them? What?

Credit - Anonymous

Egypt is desperately trying to revive it’s tourism industry and to entice the Western European tourists to return. With the spring of 2019 just around the corner, it has therefore started protecting its tourism resorts more stringently… by building large concrete walls around them.

Ever since the crash of a Russian plane in 2015 (which was bombed by ISIS terrorists) where 224 people were killed, the Egyptian holiday resort Sharm-el-Sheikh is struggling to re-launch tourism.

In order to change this now, authorities started with the construction of a concrete wall around the city. It can clearly be seen on photos and videos that have popped up on social media: recently the construction of a high concrete wall around the well-known Egyptian resort started.

“It’s not a wall, who told you it’s a wall. We don’t have a wall,” said local governor General Khaled Fouda. According to the official Egyptian explanation, it’s just a “mix of high concrete barriers and at least 23 miles of razor-wire fence”, with “four very beautiful doors”

It was intended to “beautify and secure Sharm el-Sheikh”, he said. “We are doing this for the future. The project will help Sharm el-Sheikh recoup lost tourism revenues.”

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It’s good that he explains it, because in this day and age, putting up walls to protect yourself from terrorism, attacks or crime is just seen as wrong. Glad they are pointing it out so clearly.




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