Female Latino Stars Condemn Chilean MeToo Scandal As More Footage Emerges (Video)

Credit - Mockup 21stcenturynationalist

More South American female stars have by now condemned the actions of the mayor of Puerto Varas who could be seen clearly trying to forcefully kiss one of Chile’s famous singers, 22-year-old Miss Camila Gallardo.

More video footage has now emerged from an even closer angle which clearly shows the older politician grab the girl by the neck, before forcing her head towards his lips. As she pulls back and refuses, the gesture afterwards is clearly one of surprise from the old mayor.

By now, Millaray Viera (pictured), an originally Mexican actress who’s known great success in Chile, said that she understood why Miss Gallardo reacted as she did and she hopes that this could be the start of a turnaround for the whole of the South American continent.

Other female stars in Argentina and Brazil have likewise condemned the actions of the politician and hope that they will no longer have to tolerate such behavior in their respective countries neither.

Source: https://www.radioagricultura.cl/entretencion/2019/02/19/millaray-viera-saca-su-ira-tras-el-caso-de-camila-gallardo.html


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