In 2018, 50% Of US Tourists Killed Overseas Traveled To …

Credit - Eturbonews

With the spring season around the corner, Business Insider Magazine has once again issued it’s ‘Stratfor’ series of articles focusing on where and where it is not safe to travel for Western tourists.

As always, the magazine admits that although they are big fans of Mexico, the country is now setting record numbers when it comes to violence and murders, and 2019 is not expected to be any different.

Though the US mainstream media will try to paint this in a different light and say there is no border issue at all, and certainly no need for US President Donald Trump’s ‘National Emergency’, the raw figures tell otherwise.

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Quoting from Business Insider, we read: “between June 2017 and June 2018, 238 Americans died in Mexico, amounting to 29% of all US citizens who perished overseas during the period, according to the US Department of State.”

“In terms of homicide, Mexico looms much larger in the figures: Of the 152 who were murdered overseas during the 12 months in question, exactly half died in Mexico.”



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