Financial Times Mexico Drugs Prediction “More Murders Under (President) Lopez Obrador Than Under Peña Nieto”


Although the Democrats and the US mainstream media continues to insist that there is no ‘national emergency’ at the border, the biggest European business newspaper, the Financial Times, tends to see that differently.

In a major ‘big read’ piece today, they analyzed the Mexican drug trade and make interesting predictions.

Firstly, with the replacement of the centrist Mexican President Pena Nieto by leftwing President Lopez Obrador, specialists in the field predict a growing number of murders and an ever-expanding drug trade across the US border and secondly, the heroin in US cities will be dominated by Mexican producers rather than Colombian.

Here are some interesting quotes from that article for those not having an FT subscription

Bruce Bagley, University of Miami: “We aren’t going to see an end to violence and drug trafficking out of Mexico. Very likely we’ll see more because the drugs trade is so profitable.”

“As long as, by US government estimates, $19bn-$39bn in illicit drugs’ profits are returned to Mexico [a year] and there is a $150bn US market, that will create a gravitational pull and the conditions for organized crime activities in Mexico.”

Mexican security expert Alejandro Hope: “The way we’re going, we’re going to have more murders under López Obrador than under Peña Nieto.”

Source: Financial Times Europe Edition



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