Roseanne’s Shock ‘Bug-Eyed B***ch’ Ocasio-Cortez Rant (Video)

Credit - Cartoonize Screenshot

Former sitcom star Roseanne Barr has lashed out at New York Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a profanity laden rant that was placed on youtube.

The ‘green new deal’ was slammed while the Congresswoman was called a ‘bug-eyed b***h’ in a rambling rant.

The original video entitled ‘Bug eyed b***hes’ sees the former sitcom actress unleash a heap of foul-mouthed abuse at the Democratic firebrand.

Ms Barr can be heard discussing the environment, immigration and Israel.

‘She got paid to do that — paid to decimate communities,’ the former sitcom star blasted. ‘Because they breathe carbon in their air or some horse s***.’

The rambling goes on with: ‘Here’s why they want them immigrants.’

‘First of all because all of their buddies are hiring them for less than minimum wage.

‘That’s a big draw. And second, cause no Americans are gonna vote for their ass anymore because we woke up to the s*** you’re doing.’

Source: Youtube


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