Tucker Carlson: “Why Don’t You Go F**k Yourself. Tiny Brain Moron” (Video)

Screenshot Fox

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson had originally booked Dutch Historian Rutger Bregman, but the latter refused to be on the US channel in the end.

In response, Tucker went off into an unbelievable rant, calling the historian who shot to world fame by calling for severe taxing of the world’s ultra wealthy during the past Davos conference in Switzerland, a ‘tiny brain moron.’

During the video, exclusively obtained by ‘NowThis’, you can hear how the Fox new host claims: “Why don’t you go fuck yourself, you tiny brain, and I hope this gets picked up, cause you’re a moron.”

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Mr Bregman insists that the Fox News host is a millionaire being paid by billionaires and therefore is part of the problem, not the solution.

According to Mr Bregman, Tucker Carlson’s production team could be heard saying afterwards: ‘Did they get it on audio?? Fuck fuck fuck’

Source: Twitter @rcbregman


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  1. Tucker Carlson is definitely right in his assessment of the Dutch Historian, Rutger Bregman! Bregman and the worshippers of the walking vagina life support system, Alexandria Ocasio-Corte, fail to fully understand the utter failure that Socialism is! Steal from the Wealthiest individuals is great for the quick fix and this wealth is transferred to the “leaders” of the Party who always continue to live in extravagant luxury while the average citizen becomes poorer with every passing day! Where does the money come from when the “wealthy” are no more? Wealthy as it is defined by Socialists- is anyone who has more than nothing! Socialism destroys, at the societal and individual level, with the efficiency of Cyanide! Socialism destroys productivity, innovation, motivation, and self esteem at every level of society sans the “Party” leaders! The moronic AOC acolytes fail to understand that there is no such thing as “free” and when a government provides the citizenry with “free” food, housing, education, medical care, money…… EVERYTHING, that same governemnt gets to tell the citizenry what, when, how, where and with whom they will eat, what, when, how, where and with whom they will live with, what, when, how, where and with whom they will get medical care, what, when, how, where and with whom they will drive or not drive, what, when, how, where and with whom they will be educated in, what, when, how, where and with whom they will their salaries will be…… the same “Party” leaders will tax the citizenry at a real tax rate of around 90% to pay for all of the “free” stuff! You dont hear AOC, KamelToe Harris , Liawatha Warren or any of the Green New Deal Pukes saying a word about choice, do ya? IF you think Socialism sound much like Prison you would be close but the reality is that most of the men and women who are currently incarcerated in the USA have more freedoms than the citizenry of AOC’s Utopia will have! Watch the movie Soylent Green and you will see Socialism as it is and I think Soylent Green describes the best but unlikely outcome of where AOC and her minions will take the USA, the reality of AOC’s Utopia will make Soylent Green a Fantastic Dream!? If people are so stupid as to look to a Pubescent, Imbecilic Unemployable Bar Fly for guidance, they get exactly what they deserve!


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