Amsterdam ‘Graffiti’ Near Anne Frank House Condemned (Video)

screenshot Telegraaf

Only a few days after French President Emmanuel Macron had to visit a cemetery where some 80 graves had been desecrated with far-right symbolism, the same ‘imagery’ of swastikas and such showed up in Amsterdam, capital of Holland.

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Not far from the famous Anne Frank House, just at the square where tourists wanting to visit the famous site are dropped off, various graffiti-sprayed Swastikas could be seen.

It comes just before soccer clubs ADO The Hague and Ajax Amsterdam are set to play each other this weekend. The hooligans of ADO The Hague are currently being blamed for spraying graffiti allover the Dutch capital.

The anti-semitic graffiti all over two major western European countries comes amid rising tension and election season in Israel. Earlier this week, Israeli government officials urged Jewish people to ‘leave Europe and immigrate.’



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