Conspiracy Abounds That Kamala Harriss Tied To Smollett ‘Attack’ (Video)

Credit - Instagram

One of the first Democratic Presidential Nominees for the Democrats to quickly withdraw her original support for Empire actor Jussie Smollett, caught of staging a ‘hoax attack’ was Kamala Harris, the Senator from California.

The timing on that is awkward to say the least, certainly now that voices claim she was the one giving with direct information about the events.

The two had indeed met in the past, as during this MLK Parade in 2018.

According to a conspiracy theory posted earlier this week before the ‘hoax attack’ became fully clear, fingers were already pointing to Ms Harris, with an anonymous post stating:

“This puppy [Jussie Smollett] is tied to Kamala. There is a chance this will come out. CPD is pissed about the situation. They had the phone records before the spreadsheet was given to them.”

“They also had the two Nigerians from following them on video from walking to taxis, etc. They had payment records. The interview on Good Morning America will be damning.”

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“Detectives have been 2 steps ahead the whole time. Would suggest for people to contact their representatives to have Kamala investigated. She is involved and wish I could tell you how I know. Just contact your reps and push for them to look into this. It may help.”

Links to the original post can be found in the source material.



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