France Stops World’s Largest Nutella Production Site Over ‘Quality Concerns’

Flickr free photo

The largest Nutella factory in the world, in the French city of Villers-Écalles, has been stopped since Tuesday this week. The company Ferrero took that decision after ‘quality concerns’ were established.

The factory in Normandy was shut down around 6pm on Tuesday. The Italian group Ferrero took that decision out of precaution. In testing, there appeared to be problems with the quality of the chocolate spread of Nutella and the chocolate bars of Kinder Bueno.

Pots of chocolate spread and other chocolate products from Ferrero that are on sale worldwide are said to be fine, according to a statement from the company.

“For the time being there are no problems with the supply,” they said.

Whether there will be a shortage of Nutella pots of chocolate spread in the future remains to be seen.

The Villers-Écalles plant is the largest Nutella factory in the world. Normally 600,000 pots are produced daily, a quarter of the world’s production.




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