Khloe Major Instagram Fail ‘Photoshop The Reflection Too!’

Credit - Instagram Good American

Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram followers are used to seeing the reality TV star ‘edit’ some of her less flattering body parts. A few weeks ago, she was spotted with what looked like a double thumb (see our related coverage) and thus everybody knows that this member of the Kardashian clan tends to ‘exaggerate’ her beauty a bit.

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But yesterday really took the prize when the internet went wild noticing that Khloe’s body had been digitally altered to make her look much thinner but…. her ‘photoshop team’ had clearly forgotten to alter the reflection of her body in the floor, where it was clear to see what her ‘real size’ actually was.

Trying to sell some skinny jeans for ‘Good american,’ the advertisement read: ‘a little crop goes a long way,’

‘There’s a reason why our cropped skinny jeans are best sellers, shop this shape-enhancing style in sizes 00-24 now on’

Only problem was that social media commenters were quick to point out that Khloe’s ‘floor reflection’ showed that the jeans weren’t exactly working.

Khloe has by now deleted the original image.



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