South Carolina Couple Tortured Children With Hot Peppers

Credit - Greenville police department

An American mother and her partner have been arrested for the ill-treatment of their two children, which they would torture using hot sauce and red peppers.

37-year-old Robert Saladaga, who lives with his girlfriend Sabrina Emerick (25), punished one of the children by smearing hot peppers on his genitals. He did that after the child had peed on the couch.

The children were mistreated multiple times with hot food and sauces. They were smeared this on their face, eyes or mouth. The stories about this are ‘sick and objectionable’, according to a police spokesman. The children aged 5 and 7 have therefore been removed from their homes for their own safety.

Other alleged abuses include the hitting and kicking of the children. If they did not listen, they were put under an extremely hot or cold shower. The children would also be suffocated by having a pillow pushed onto their faces.



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