Why Were Five ‘Heavily Armed’ Ex-Navy SEALS ‘Mercenaries’ Arrested In Haiti (Video)?

Credit - Twitter @CarribeanNewsNetwork

Many are left to wonder whether the US government or any branch of the Pentagon had hired the 5 ‘mercenaries’ (of whom several turned out to be Ex-Navy SEALS) that have been arrested in Haiti over the past weekend. The men were in possession of multiple illegal arms.

The Miami Herald, who first highlighted the story, claims that the arrested men will not face any criminal charges when they return, a fact that has reportedly angered local Haitian politicians.

The group said that they were on the island to provide ‘private security’ for a businessman who was doing work with the Haitian government, but conspiracy theories abounding on the internet claim that they were trying to overthrow the local leaders, who’ve been hit with mass protests in recent weeks and months.

According to Twitter users, the five were arrested on flight AA 1059 between Miami and Port au Prince.

Haiti’s Justice Minister Jean Roody Ali wrote to Haiti’s Central Bureau of the Judicial Police authorizing the transfer of five Americans and two permanent U.S. residents to the United States to stand trial there: ‘I want to inform you that I’ve authorized a procedure of transfer to the United States of America of American citizens and United States permanent residents, a total of seven to respond to the charges of transporting illegal arms from the United States through the Haitian territory.’

Source: https://nationalpost.com/news/world/five-heavily-armed-u-s-mercenaries-were-captured-in-haiti-why-were-they-allowed-to-fly-straight-home

Credit – Twitter @CarribeanNewsNetwork


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