Fresh Klobuchar Staff Mistreatment Revelations

Credit - Cartoonize

As the 2020 Democratic race heats up and the places are had to get by (we’re bound to still hear from Biden and Beto in what is already a very crowded field), it is clear that infighting and ‘revelations’ will be what can make sure that instead of you going up, it will be more important to make sure others stay down.

It is therefore becoming obvious that the orchestrated media scandal drip about Senator Amy Klobuchar must have it’s origins within the Democratic party itself, certainly given the fact that the news came from ‘The Huffington Post’ before and now from ‘The New York Times,’ not exactly Trump fans.

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The latest reveal meant to show that Ms Klobuchar is a bit too harsh with her staff to be considered a serious contender tells how she once ‘ate a salad with her comb and then asked a staff member whom she berated for not getting her a fork to clean it afterwards.’

Apparently, when she headed to South Carolina in 2008, one of her staff members, who was also carrying her bags, accidentally dropped her plastic utensils meant to be used to eat the salad she had bought.

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In order to belittle that person, Klobuchar then reprimanded the staff member for not having a plastic fork ready for her to use. She stunned her team by using a comb to eat the salad. She then gave the comb to her aide and told her to clean it.

Four former staff members of the Senator have confirmed the episode.

Trying to put out the fire, Carlie Waibel, a campaign spokesperson for Klobuchar, responded: ‘the senator has repeatedly acknowledged that she can be tough and push people hard.’

‘But these anonymous stories – some of which are just plain ridiculous – do not overshadow the countless experiences of people on the senator’s team who she has been so proud to work with.’



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