Kamala Harris – Jussie Smollett Conspiracy Spreading

Credit - Cartoonize (2)

Yesterday, we already reported the growing conspiracy that linked Democratic candidate Kamala Harris to the Jussie Smollett ‘hoax’ attack.

Though we were reluctant at first as the insinuations came from anonymous posting on 4chan and if there is anything to be learned from the MSM’s growing lack of checking the subsequent Buzzfeed Mueller mistake, the original Covington reporting by that same MSM and lastly the politicians reaction to slam anything and anyone Trump-supporter related when it came to the Smollett ‘attack’ at first, then it is not to jump the gun.

Currently, there are multiple voices who have launched the conspiracy that Ms Harris might have known Mr Smollett would do as he did and therefore snuck LGBT language in the ‘anti-lynching’ bill she proposed.

According to a film producer named Tariq Nasheed, who also goes by hip-hop rapper-like names of “K-Flex” and “King Flex,” there is a clear ‘political rat’ in all of this. Conservative voice Mr James Woods even highlighted the series of tweets.

In fact, Mr Nasheed blames Kamala Harris as well, or at least find her behavior dubious to say the least.

In a series of tweets, he states: “Let me do a quick thread about this Jussie Smollett hoax. Because we need to ask questions about who else was involved in this hoax. I have always been critical of the deceptive tactics of the white LGBT community. Now as we know, Jussie has campaigned with Kamala Harris.”

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“Kamala Harris was one of the people who authored the Anti Lynching Bill. Remember, these people below are funded by certain groups with certain agendas that has nothing to do with helping ADOS. That’s why whenever we bring up a Black agenda, Kamala & Cory changes the subject.”

“That anti Lynching Bill Kamala introduced snuck in some LGBT language at the last minute. The white LGBT community has always tried to attached themselves to the plight of Black Americans to give the false impression that they have had a comparative historic struggle”

Source: Twitter


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