Oscar Favorite Christian Bale Reveals Weight Loss Secret

Credit - Screenshot Vice

Oscar favorite Mr Christian Bale (who plays Dick Cheney in Vice) is doing a lot of promotional interviews before the awards this Sunday are revealed. During one of those, he explains how to gain and (more importantly) lose weight for his roles.

How did you gain weight so fast for the role of Dick Cheney?

Bale: “Cake! I started with that: eating lots of cake. But after a while I abandoned it and for the first time in my career I called in the help of a nutritionist. He made me eat like crazy rice and eggs. Man, I ate so much … 24 eggs a day. Eventually your stomach starts to expand, and you swell as if it were nothing. ”

You were not accompanied in all your previous weight transformations?

“No. Losing weight or recovering, I did it all on my own. Maybe I’m just a stubborn person. Or who knows it has to do with the fact that I am English: as a child I rarely or never went to doctors or dentists. While Americans run to the doctor for the smallest cold. Anyway, it was time to tackle it differently, because I no longer felt so good about my own method. ”

How so?

“I will put it this way: Cheney gets a few heart attacks in the film, and I was afraid that I would not have to act like that if I went on like this. (laughs) I’ve become more aware of my mortality, I do not want to take so many risks anymore. I love to act so much that I never wanted to limit myself in my work. But at a certain moment you also have to think about your family. You cannot risk your own life because you try to play someone else as credibly as possible. ”

How did you lose the kilos of Vice so quickly?

“By being miserable for six months (laughs). No, you just drink endless amounts of water, non stop. Every time you think of eating a grape: drink a whole bottle of water so that you feel bloated and can’t eat anything anymore. And for the rest: go to bed with hunger and have no social life. Such drastic weight loss is terrible, there is no fun way to do it. “


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