UK Press Slam Meghan For $500k Baby Shower

Twitter @Exclusiva_VE

The British tabloids have calculated that this week’s baby shower of Meghan Markle in New York cost some 370,000 pounds, or roughly half a million dollars. Furthermore, in a climate change aware world, Meghan Markle is blasted for taking a $250,000 private jet flight to New York. The Brits are wondering whether their taxes are paying for this.

Meghan Markle is now seven months pregnant and therefore she invited all her friends to a babyshower in her beloved New York. It all cost a bit because the Duchess of Sussex booked the Penthouse at The Mark hotel in the Upper East Side, according to many New Yorkers the fanciest hotel room in the city. The suite costs $ 75,000 per night.

Paul Burrell, the former butler of Princess Diana, frowns. “I would like to quote the Queen”, he says in The Sun. “She always lives according to the motto: ‘We are not celebrities, but royals’. William mixes with well-known stars, but they never become his close friends. I do not think Prince William can laugh at this.”

According to Burrell, William & Kate and Meghan & Harry are continuing to grow apart.

“That’s not a bad thing for Kate,” says Burrell. “In this way, there will be no blemish on the future Queen’s coat of arms. Until now, Kate cannot be blamed for having done anything wrong whilst being married to Prince William, whereas for Meghan…”

Picture credit: Twitter @Exclusiva_VE


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