Crypto Trader Horribly Tortured In Front Of Toddler Daughter

Credit - Screenshot Dagblad Van Het Noorden

The inhabitants of the Dutch small town of Drouwenerveen have no idea what to think.

The country’s press corps is in town, demanding whether they knew who rented the villa where a horrible crime took place two weeks ago. No one seems to know the mysterious ‘bitcoin trader’ who had rented the place. In the press he is identified as Tjeerd H., 38 years old.

Apparently, three homejackers severely tortured a resident of a villa in Drouwenerveen in the Netherlands by skinning his body with a drill. The criminals entered the businessman’s home dressed a policemen.

Fifteen real police officers are investigating the robbery that took place already 10 February. The details are now only becoming known in the Dutch press. Around ten o’clock in the evening the resident heard a huge bang at the front door of his home at the Zuideind. Suddenly he stood eye to eye with three robbers who were disguised with balaclavas and wearing bulletproof vests with a police coat.

The robbers threatened their victim with firearms and then pulled out a heavy drill that they put against his body. The four-year-old daughter of the man had to watch as one of the burglars turned the drill on and started scraping off his skin. The resident cried out in pain and was seriously injured.

It is unknown how much money was stolen.


Picture Credit – Screenshot Dagblad Van Het Noorden


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