French Gay Eurovision Contestant Depicted As Terrorist In Israel (Video)

Credit - Screenshot Youtube

France selected Bilal Hassani as their entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 to be held in Tel Aviv. That choice is proving to be quite controversial both in France and Israel.

The gay Muslim man received incredible support from French televoters (scoring more than double the points from runner-up Seemone) and apparently a couple of death threats from within his own community where being ‘bisexual’ is not accepted in all circles. Furthermore, several threats were received in Israel as well.

On top of that, France has threatened with a boycott after it was revealed that Israel will screen a three part comedy show in the weeks leading up to the Eurovision song contest.

The television show the Israeli TV has planned is about a, and we quote, ‘French-Algerian Islamic State terrorist posing as a gay man who manages to secure a place in the high-profile international song contest in hopes of carrying out a heinous terrorist attack live on television.’

Given that Mr Hassani is a gay Muslim man representing France, you kind of see the problem.



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