‘Please Stop Showing Me In Music Videos’ Urges Tajikistan President (Video)


Enough is enough. President for life Emomali Rachmon of Tajikistan has urged his countrymen to stop featuring him in music videos all the time. In a speech broadcast via his government on TV, the population is informed that: “the president has given instructions to the committee for television and radio so that more attention will be paid to the tireless labor of the population, the important achievements in the country and the unique nature in our homeland,” added the address.

66-year-old Rachmon has led Tajikistan in an authoritarian manner since 1992. The ubiquitous government propaganda portrays the head of state as the man who saved national unity after the bloody civil war that had erupted after the independence of Tajikistan. Rachmon and his family enjoy immunity for life and numerous other privileges.

In the hereunder video example, you can see how his countrymen dedicate whole videos to their President.

The cult surrounding heads of state is a phenomenon that characterizes almost all former Soviet republics in Central Asia. Also in neighboring Uzbekistan, President Shavkat Mirzijojev recently called to moderate the musical odes.

After the clip “a selfie with my president” the boss of the agency stated that the music industry checks that the head of state did not need “publicity because of artists”.

Picture credit: Mockup


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