Arizona Senator Sinema Continues ‘Peculiar’ Clothing Choices

Credit - Twitter @HeroCenters

Don’t get me wrong, but given the outpouring of surprise there was over Kyrsten Sinema’s recent choice to appear on the Senate floor with a pair of light brown thigh-high boots and a figure-hugging dress (see our related coverage), one could perhaps expect that the newly elected Arizona Senator would be ‘dressing down’ as from now in order to let her ‘work’ speak for her rather than having people acting surprised about how she would show up. Not so apparently.

Last Friday she held an interview for to explain her support for a bill helping veterans.

Ms Sinema could, in the accompanying picture, be seen wearing a pair of black leather thigh-high boots, which are clearly being stared at by the interviewer.

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It is in fact quite funny that decides to publish exactly the picture of the ‘staring’ interviewer to accompany their article. I’m going to guess they had a similar reaction.

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We must admit, the Arizona Senator likes to create some controversy.

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During the SOTU, she stood out for daring to clap for President Trump’s speech, and was quickly told: ‘Watch your ass’ by a fellow Democrat.

At the time, Ms Sinema was wearing ‘hot pink,’ unlike her female Democrat colleagues  who had all dressed in white.

In a recent SNL skit, she was portrayed as wearing white in cohesion with her Democratic colleagues, but quickly corrected the interviewer, stating: “I was wearing pink…. and they pronounced my name wrong.”

Do the Democrats have a rebel on their hands?


Picture credit: Twitter @HeroCenters and




  1. Sinema is one of the VERY rare cases where a female Democrat is SMOKING hot! Usually they hit every branch on their way down the ugly tree! BUT…she does stay true-to-form by remaining as NUTTY as a SH1THOUSE RAT! LOL!


  2. How the heck do these whack jobs keep getting elected or is it true that our national intelligence level is seriously on the downslide?


  3. She is just being her trailer park self. That doesn’t mean she is not attractive she is just trailer park attractive and many people think that is hot because they are typically loose and easy. Like hot ghetto or barrio trash. This woman is just trashy looking.


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