Korean Air ‘Nut Rage Heiress’ Filmed Attacking Husband (Video)

Credit - The Daily Shimbun

You may not remember Ms Cho Hyun-ah, but you certainly remember what she did. Back in 2014 she made a Korean Air flight stop because her nuts handed to her in first class by a stewardess were not ‘professionally served.’

At that moment, because of Ms Hyun-ah temper, everyone on board was waiting for a while as the plane had to taxi and several of the Korean Air staff were replaced. She ordered them to kneel before her and beg for forgiveness (We are not kidding).

That same 44-year-old daughter of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho was now filmed screaming ‘die die’ at her husband while viciously attacking him with an iPad and chopsticks.

Her husband, identified only as Mr Park, has now launched a complaint against her, saying he, and the children, have all been abused by her. He even recorded a video of the events.

Source + Picture: The Asahi Shimbun


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