New York Times Oped Kills Off Biden 2020 (Video)

Credit - Delaware National Guard

New York Times columnist Ms Maureen Dowd killed off a possible succesful Joe Biden run for Democratic nominee as the party’s 2020 candidate to go up against current President Donald Trump even before the former VP had announced he is officially running.

In a scathing oped, she basically claims that a Biden 2020 is doomed to fail and thus makes it understood that the New York Times editorial board is dead set against it.

Although it comes as no surprise as everybody now realizes that two old white men going up against each other is not exactly the dream matchup the Democrats had in mind, it certainly increases the chances of independent (billionaire) candidates like Howard Schultz or Michael Bloomberg to throw their hat in the ring as it now looks like there are no moderate candidates running.

The good news show for President Trump continues.

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