US Tourist Killed By Drunk BMW Driving Russian (Warning Graphic Video)

Credit - Youtube Виктор Станиславович

A 30-year-old drunken Russian hit several people driving his BMW on the pavement of the Nevsky Prospekt boulevard in St. Petersburg. A 40-year-old American and a 39-year-old woman from Moscow died, report local media.

The man would have inhaled laughing gas from a balloon just before the accident.

According to the police, three others were injured during the night from Saturday to Sunday in the horrendous crash on the boulevard popular with tourists. The police also state that there are no indications for terrorism. The driver, after a night out, probably lost consciousness by inhaling laughing gas from a balloon.

Driver Murad K., who had lost his driving license since November last year and had received dozens of traffic fines earlier, has been arrested. On photographs he has put on his social media channels, it appears that he has a striking preference for weapons and fast cars.

Source: Youtube


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