Austria Wants To Detain ‘Dangerous Asylum Seekers’ Without Trial

Credit - Flickr Free Photo (26 February 2019)

With only a few month to go before the European elections, several member states are positioning themselves as it becomes clear the polls will mostly be about three things : the climate, immigration and who holds future power in Europe.

The populists and nationalists are ready to gain a foothold in the European parliament and several of the rightwing governments in Europe are therefore informing their voters they are serious when it comes to the issue of migration.

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The youngest Prime Minister in the Western hemisphere, Mr Sebastian Kurz of Austria, joined the fray of Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Italy’s Mr Matteo Salvini when his government decided that as from now any ‘dangerous asylum seekers’ could be held without trial if authorities deem such is necessary.

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However, the move would mean a constitutional reform for the Austrian state, which means Mr Kurz would need support from the opposition to gain a two-thirds majority in parliament.

Kurz rejected criticism of his government’s plan and brushed away concerns over rights by saying: “We don’t need skepticism.”

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