Bollywood Star Debuts With Hilarious Photoshop Fail. Don’t See It?

Credit - Twitter @FilmFare

Filmfare magazine just announced their picture spread featuring Sara Ali Khan, the newest star at the Indian Bollywood firmament.

With a picture special shot in Africa, the young actress is presented as the next big thing.

Onlookers were quick to pick up two things though which the photoshop editors clearly had forgotten.

Firstly, isn’t the installing of African people in traditional dress next to a major star just a tad ‘colonial’?

And secondly, if you’re gonna photoshop a Kenyan warrior into that picture, why did you forget to insert his shadow? With 4.5 million followers, that’s maybe a thing you should check before launching a new issue. Better luck next time we guess.

Related coverage: Khloe Major Instagram Fail ‘Photoshop The Reflection Too!’

Not as bad as the Kardashian klan though. Last week Khloe’s photoshop editors forgot to skim off a few kilos of her ass’ reflection, and I don’t think that did any good to the sales of jeans she was promoting.


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